Jeffrey Webster MSc, BSc



Case Study: Amateur Squash Player

Why did I ask Jeffrey for help

I had stopped playing squash for 12 years and had been back playing for about 18 months. I was aware that something that I really used to enjoy was now making me feel anxious and I had sense of dread approaching any matches. I noticed my form in training was better than in games and couldn't understand why my skills weren't transferring.

How I would describe myself/attitude previous to meeting with Jeffrey

I was negative in my appraisal of my playing abilities. I tended to focus mostly on what I felt had gone wrong with my performance. I felt extremely anxious and low in confidence in my ability. I recognised that a lot of the time I was beat before I even played.

How I would describe myself now after Jeffrey's support and skills

I can't believe the change in me. I feel more optimistic, more relaxed and focused and more importantly getting so much enjoyment out of playing. I no longer attach to the outcome but can remain more mindful in moment by moment achievements. I would say that I am a better player now 20 years on than I was in my 30s in attitude and skills. I now focus on what I do well which has helped improve performance.

What helped

Jeffrey is extremely adept at listening to what I want to achieve. He had incredible patience in working with my negative attitude and was able to skilfully reflect on what was not working for me and what was and how I could start to change focus to achieve my goals. Jeffrey was encouraging and supportive throughout. Jeffrey helped me set manageable and achievable goals. Jeff worked using audio and visual tools as well as in vivo practice to improve positivity and deepen my learning.

Jeffrey takes a holistic approach to mind, skills body and attitude to ensure a fully encompassing treatment package is achieved. I am delighted with results, although some of my opponents not so!

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